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25 Nov 2019

A start-up is easy to manage, but when it starts to scale, the transition becomes harder. Its complexity rises exponentially compared to its scaling. That’s when the necessity of structures appear, many processes must be placed in order. Then they are shaped in systems. The goal is to simplify the rising complexity. Keep the business in the race by making it possible for employees to accomplish more tasks in less time and reduce the errors caused by complex processes. They also reduce the need for new human resources, thus saving money for the business.

As a business grows bigger and bigger it needs more and more systems, but as technology progresses, more choices appear for businesses. Sometimes automation is like magic for businesses, the work is accomplished by itself, without the need of a human, or with little effort needed.

Automation drastically reduces the need for human resources in the process, helping businesses focus more on parts that can’t be automated. At the same time, the accuracy of the transfer of information grows, saving the time businesses use to correct those errors.

Nowadays there are more and more parts of a business that can be automated. The companies that automate their businesses are rising above their competitors, thanks to faster responses, higher efficiency, and overall better quality. 

Very important parts that should be at least partially automated are the back-office operations. It generally has a hard time keeping up with other departments due to the amount of work needed. Its complexity can also reduce the productivity of the department.

By automating it you can increase productivity by amassing all the data in a single place, for example, a merchant portal. By doing that you can easily have access to all the past results. You can see very fast and with little effort what strategies produce better results than the rest, that way you can focus more on them.

At the same time, you will offer more variety of payment methods due to the integrations most providers offer. The merchants you work with will have an easier and pleasurable time collaborating with you, making the process simple and fast will get them more benefits, and for you, more time to manage pivotal tasks.

If you want to scale your business then a merchant portal is a game-changer for you. Your team’s productivity will increase many times over. The increase in workload will be coped with by your team without a need for you to increase it.

Once you see the potential of automation, you will try to automate all of it. You could also find a provider that takes care of everything you want automated. For example, some providers can automate most of your customer relationship management. 

You will get parts like residual calculation, customer support, and back-office operations almost done by itself. They may also have sales tools and communication tools for you. For example, a dialer app will make the office phone useless, making your communication department more productive by reducing the work needed to transfer information between phone and computer. 

Calls can be recorded at any time with a single click. With the same easiness, you can record interactive voice recording to offer your agents time to prepare and to not let your customers hear a robot voice when needed.

It’s also possible to monitor the calls in real-time and gets reports on the spot, this will improve the training efficiency for your agents and can also be used to correct bad habits that they are unaware of.  

A dialer app will also automate the process of compiling your calls information in metrics. You can increase your sales performance by monitoring the calls, you can see your team’s performance by listening to their call recordings.

Business automation becomes more and more a necessity for companies if they want to keep up with their competition. Tools like a dialer app and a merchant portal that can improve the quantity and quality of your workload will become a requirement in the business world.


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