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21 Jan 2020

A cutting-edge management tool which efficiently integrates a multitude of useful and innovative tools, including sales tools, operations and back office, customer support, residual calculations and communication tools, is a must for all businesses which want to remain competitive in a constantly evolving and fast-paced marketplace. The iris crm software has managed to improve the infrastructure in the payments services; the tools created specifically for payment processing, such as credit card processing crm, first data crm, transaction tracking, has enabled businesses to simplify the merchant lifecycle, making it significantly easier for them to run a successful payment processing organization.

What Are the Most Useful and Innovative Features of Iris Crm

The industry of payment processing services has registered an unimaginable growth in recent years, in the context of the increasing popularity of electronic payments amongst persons who want to be able to move money in a fast, easy and secure manner. The iris crm software is world-class software which works to the benefit of the payments industry and which facilitates the running of operations in this sector. It has targeted specifically the payments industry, focusing on finding ways of simplifying payment processes through the implementation of the latest technologies. A cloud-based platform which incorporates a multitude of tools that organizations in the payment processing industry may deem useful, Iris has become a popular amongst businesses which want to have all the functions they use on a daily basis, such as lead management, onboarding, merchant reporting, e-signature services and call center solutions under one roof.

The sales tools included in this state-of-the-art software enable businesses to sell more while working less. Amongst the most useful sales tools, it is worth mentioning:

 lead management, which enables users to use sms to turn prospects into customers, pre-populates merchant agreements with information from leads and sends automatic notifications to teams as deals move through the sales lifecycle;
 electronic signature, which streamlines the merchant boarding process, increases productivity and shortens sales cycles;
 visitor tracking, which enables businesses to monitor the interests of prospective customers and to effectively target them;
 sales metrics, very useful when one needs to make informed decisions based on accurate data;
 appointment board, which acts as a sort of weekly productivity dashboard;
 proposal generator, a tool which enables users to create professional proposals in minutes and to easily view and share such proposals amongst team members.

The  iris crm  software helps sales organizations grow their business, as this tool is based on in-depth understanding of the needs of the ISO community. Apart from the sales tools, this platform includes numerous operations and back office features, designed to eliminate manual data entry errors, to increase the workload capacity of the team and to easily pull reports from merchant portfolios, as well as customer support tools meant to enable businesses to track and resolve customer and support tickets in a fast and professional manner.

Why credit card processing crm is crucial for organizations in the payments processing industry

Nowadays, credit cards are the most popular payment instrument used by customers to pay for the products or services they acquire. Processing credit card payments quickly and securely is a must for all businesses which want to be able to complete all the steps of the sales cycle with ease. The great thing about credit card processing is that it provides peace of mind, as it observes the highest security standards in the industry: all the credit card details stored in CRM are encrypted, so as to comply with the provisions of the GDPR and to avoid data misuse. The tool can be customized to meet the unique needs of the organization and can be easily integrated with the organization’s IT infrastructure.

The 100% secure  credit card processing crm  software is the perfect solution for all organizations which want to benefit from the highest security level throughout all the payment cycles, from payment entry to payment storage. If you want to be able to store payment data in a secure cloud environment, the Iris platform, equipped with a multitude of innovative tools designed to meet all the needs of your organization, is definitely an option worth taking into consideration.

Secure payment processing solutions such as credit card processing crm will give organizations peace of mind, knowing that their customers’ financial data are adequately protected and that their clients can move money with ease and without worries. Organizations are strongly recommended to choose a platform that will automate all your payment processes and that will efficiently prevent hackers from stealing sensitive data. 


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