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15 Feb 2020

Doing business is not always easy and sales agents face many challenges. Converting leads in actual sales implies a lot of effort, knowledge and having the right resources. It is important to highlight the important role sales personnel play within every business and how they manage the sale cycle. However, things can be done easier and more efficient using sales automation. There are many amazing tools available on the market, including software for handling help desk tickets efficiently.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales teams spend a lot of time managing tasks and documentation, doing manual work and sometimes wasting valuable time looking for information written down somewhere. A great solution for eliminating repetitive work is sales automation. First, learning about the term and understanding what it means is the first step of getting to know the platforms out there. As the name suggests, it will automate repetitive tasks and activities, using advanced software.

Automation will handle some of the most important tasks, including contracts, inventory control, email reminders and pricing. There are many advantages involved in using such tools and it matters what type you end up choosing. There are various providers activating in the field, offering diverse solutions that meet every need. To get to know them better, it is recommended to evaluate your status and what features will help you the most in daily activities. Afterwards, it is easier to filter products and focus on the relevant ones.

How to Manage Help Desk Tickets?

Many companies have implemented live chats and offer clients the possibility to submit  help desk tickets  in order to seek answers to their requests. Managing tickets manually is stressful, because you never know when new ones appear, if the older ones were solved and closed, and such. Eventually, people will have a bad opinion if their tickets remain unresolved and the business’s reputation is damaged. Taking care of tickets has never been easier thanks to software applications that provide monitoring and notifications at all times.

All support requests will be handled in a fast manner, so that people do not need to wait too long for an answer. In the same time, agents receive notifications regarding the status of their tickets, from the moment they open them and until they are closed. Customer services can be improved considerably using the right tools, no matter the location or the device used. This is a great advantage, because the business can be located in a certain region and the client in the other part of the country or even the globe. Improving efficiency is the key.

Software tools improve business life and activities on every level. They are highly useful, diverse, complex and fully-featured, especially if you take the time to look for a reliable and well-established provider. There are many reasons to invest in them, especially in  sales automation . Taking the decision is easier as soon as you know the implications. Identifying potential clients is on the list, because teams will be able to define the filters in order to scout potential customers. By searching relevant markets, it is more likely to make successful conversions.

Statistics are vital for sales personnel and automation generates them effortlessly. Thanks to them, it will be easier to get to know the customers and the industries better, meet their needs and requirements and reach potential targets. Maintaining the relation between customers is also a key to a successful business and emails play a great role. In some cases, it is time consuming, especially if messages have to be sent manually, greetings and follow-ups as well. The automated system will handle all activities, starting with the first contact with the client and until collecting payment.

More to it, sales teams can create proposals to convince customers about the offer and about starting collaboration. By entering some key details, one can generate a quotation and send it to the client. Technology is going into the right direction and helps define sales cycles better. In order to obtain the most out of CRM software, it is vital to find the right one and to know how to implement it and use all its features. It is not an easy process, but it can be done and there are many solutions, because providers will meet all needs and even offer diverse packages, based on every client’s needs. Some need automation, while others assistance with help desk tickets or even both. The good news is that some providers do not disappoint and deliver exceptional products. 


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