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15 Feb 2020

Everyone wants to make more money and if possible, the easy way. Sometimes it is that not easy, because they do not fall out of the sky, but the good news is that there are some solutions out there that everyone can easily consider. Some of the richest people in the world managed to have huge fortunes and this is possible through residual income. Rich people focus on effective ways to earn money and everyone can find out what is residual income.

What is Residual Income?

There are several ways of making money and many terms to explain the concept. People who want to know what is residual income  should get familiar with everything involving it, for better understanding. First, there is active income, which results directly from effort. For...

19 Dec 2019

When you don’t have any idea what is residual income, but would like to ensure that you gain access to all the information that might have an impact on your business, it would be recommended that you continue reading. Learn more about a CRM system that is designed to provide help with everything, including ISO retention tools. 

The Importance Of Residual Income

Let’s begin by talking about what is residual income and how it can affect your company. More specifically, when you are in the payment processing industry, you know that there is a small fee you get for every transaction that is associated with your merchants. Everything is simple up to there. However, when it comes to actually calculating this type of income, the situation...

25 Nov 2019
What is residual income?

It’s important to know the meanings of the term, when to use it and how to take advantage of it. There are big misconceptions about what residual income means and where it’s used. Let’s firstly see where it’s used:

In the stock market, it’s used as a valuation method, where investors try to estimate the value of a stock and the potential of future profits. It represents the difference between net income and a charge of capital cost. For example, it’s possible to have the “net” above 0 but the “residual” below 0.
Companies use it to get a better understanding of the performance of different departments or investments. It’s defined as the result of operating profit minus the amount...